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The further scene in the clip showed both the guy and Kate Beckinsale being together on the bed while Kate Beckinsale was laid on the bed and the guy was fucking her in the classic missionary style while kissing and smooching her continuously. And that's a great way to do it, I think. One answer she can safely give is that, yes, a third "Underworld" movie is indeed on its way. Kate Beckinsale Movies: Evolution" Photos.

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Kate Beckinsale can be seen moving and grooving her hips while getting fucked and enjoying the fucking show with the male partner of her.

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Kate Beckinsale Sex Scene From Underworld Evolution

They like each other a lot; it's kind of vomit-inducing at times. Now, with "Evolution" finally hitting theaters, the stars look forward to fans getting all of their questions answered — even the lame ones. Thank you! Ridiculousness Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom: Evolution" Trailer In one soon-to-be-talked-about scene, Selene finally unzips that suit — resulting in a lengthy vampire sex scene so steamy that you half expect Count Dracula to cameo as a sleazy pizza delivery guy. I'd run for a bus, but I'd run like a girl. Visit Movies on MTV.

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kate beckinsale sex scene underworld evolution
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kate beckinsale sex scene underworld evolution
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kate beckinsale sex scene underworld evolution
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